Calendar Service

The faculty offers a calendar and address book service for personal and collaborative use. You can create multiple calendars and share them with co-workers who also use the calendar service.

The service can be accessed via

where you will be presented with a login screen the first time you go to the website. Log in using your faculty account.

Note: Before you can actually use the calendar service, you need to log in once so that a record for your user is created. After that you can configure your client software (e.g. Thunderbird with the Lightning extension or any other CALDAV compatible calendaring application) to manager your calendars.

General Usage

The calendar service itself does provide a web interface for managing your calendars and address books but it does not allow you to manage the calendar events or address book entries themselves. A client application like Thunderbird with the Lightning extension or Apple iCal is needed.

After your first login on the calendar server, an initial calendar (called calendar) and address book (called addresses) are automatically created. A calendar or address book of your account can be accessed by using the URL

where USERNAME is your faculty username and RESOURCE is the name of the resource (calendar or address book) you want to access.