Computer Rooms

There are six computer rooms in the building Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1:

  • Five computer rooms (PC01 to PC05) are located on the first basement floor on the north side of the building (Berggasse).
  • One computer room (PC06) is located in the library area on the first basement floor on the south side of the building (Türkenstraße).

The computer rooms PC04 and PC06 are always open for students, the others are open for students too but are also used for lectures.


Each public computer room is equipped with the standard audio/video equipment (e.g. beamer, speakers, ...), one computer for the lecturer (except in PC06) and between 14 and 35 computers for students.

The computers and wide-screen monitors have been bought in August 2013, are state of the art and the same as in all other ZID computer rooms.


The computers are installed the same as the computers in the public ZID computer rooms. So please have a look at the Computer Rooms website of the ZID for more information!

Apart from the standard software listed on the ZID website, there is also Matlab and VirtualBox available!


Since the new method for installing the computers doesn't yet allow dual-boot installation, the computers are all installed with Windows 7.

However, to cater to the needs of mathematic students there is a pre-installed virtual machine with Linux on each computer. To start this virtual machine, select the "Oracle VirtualBox" software in the Windows start menu and then start the "PC Labor" virtual machine.