We provide fast and secure storage space for everyone at the faculty.

We operate two identical storage systems to enable site redundancy. Additionally, all components of each system have redundancy built-in to allow for high availability. About 140TB of storage space are currently allocated for use.

Note: The storage can only be accessed from within the subnet of the faculty by using the math:account.


Share Information

The following shares are available for general use:

  • User data
    • Linux (NFS):
    • Windows (CIFS/SMB): \\\users\MATH:ACCOUNT
    • Mac (CIFS/SMB): smb://

    This share contains all user data. Multiple backups per day as well as long term backups are made to ensure no data is lost. There is a default quota of 100GB per user - if you need more space, please contact the math:helpdesk!

    Note: Since many backups are made and the fastest disks are used to provide this share, it is not advised to use this share to store huge amounts of generated (computated) data!

    Please provide your account name in the form "Mathematik\MATH:ACCOUNT" when accessing the share using CIFS/SMB.

  • Group data
    • Linux (NFS):
    • Windows (CIFS/SMB): \\\groups
    • Mac (CIFS/SMB): smb://

    This share contains directories corresponding to research groups and contains data that is shared between research groups. Each group directory (not per user!) has a quota of 100GB.

    The backup schedule used for the user share is also used here and therefore, as with the user share, no generated data should be stored on this share!

    If your research group needs such a shared directory, please contact the math:helpdesk!

  • Local data

    Under Linux, you may use the directory /scratch for local data. There should already be a directory /scratch/USERNAME created for you. However, you are completely on your own using this directory. There is no backup and no guarantee that the directory survives the reinstallation of your computer (which, for technical reasons, may occur at any time). Use it only for temporary and/or unimportant data. Put everything else on the storage, as described in the sections above.

  • Cloud data

    Under Linux, please use /scratch/USERNAME for u:cloud. By the university's policy, you are not allowed to use Dropbox or other services for work data. For personal use, you must also put the files for such services in the same directory as named above.

Special Requirements

If you have special requirements for storing large amounts of data, please don't hesitate to contact the math:helpdesk!