Desktop Computers

Don't unplug your computer! All faculty computers must always be attached to the network and the power plug, so that we can maintain them. Otherwise the computer cannot do updates (there are also important security updates) and we will be informed that hardware is missing.

If you're not using your computer in the night (e.g. to run computations), turn it off to save energy (also the monitor).

Lenovo M83

Intel Core i5 4670S 4x 3.10GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MHz
DVD Multi Burner



Lenovo M83

Lenovo M58p

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHz
at least 4GB
120GB SSD or 160 GB SATA
DVD Multi Burner



Lenovo M58p


The operating system is Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) and the desktop environment is KDE. It's customized to fit our needs, but mostly what you would get if you'd install the standard distribution by yourself. Almost all of the usual applications like Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, GIMP, LaTeX (TeXLive), Skype etc. are installed on your computer by default. To log in use your faculty account.


If you regularly have to use a software product for your work, which isn't available for Linux, please contact Only (!) in this case, we install Windows on your computer. For more information on supported Windows systems see this page.


All faculty computers are installed and maintained by the computer group. If you need help, please first check the instructions on this website (also the FAQ). If you need further support, send an email to, with the hostname or the mac address (the number on the sticker on the computer) of your computer in it. In urgent cases call 50685.

No support

We don't support Apple computers and self installations.

Self installations

If you wish, you can install your computer by yourself, but in this case we are not supporting it anymore. We offer instructions online on how to attach it to the network/WLAN, to print, or to use any other service we offer (calendar, storage, homepage, TimeMachine backup, ...).

Besides this, as an employee you can get non-free software from the university. If you are using an unsupported system, you are responsible yourself to organize/order licenses for all the software products you are using at the university/for your work (including the operating system).