The University as well as the Faculty provide staff and guests a variety of computing resources and online services. To access these services either a u:account or a math:account with their accompanying passwords are required.

Most of the IT services are provided by the University's Computer Center ("ZID") and need the u:account for access. The Faculty provides some additional services and for those the math:account is needed.


Information on the math:account

The math:account administration is handled by the secretaries in room 10.140, foremost Martina Fellner. They can

  • create an account for you if you don't have one already,
  • look up your account name,
  • reset your password if you forgot it, and
  • extend expired accounts if necessary.

Services that use the math:account are, for example, the login on the Faculty's Linux computers, the Faculty's print and copy service and the calendar service.


Information on the u:account

If you didn't get a u:account when you started, please go to room 10.140 and ask there.

Most of the account administration can be done online by yourself (also see this page):

Unfortunately, some of these websites are only available in German. If you need assistance with this, please contact the ZID Helpdesk or Martina Fellner.

Services that use the u:account are, for example, the e-mail service, WLAN, VPN, Moodle e-learning, and ZID file services.

For more information have a look at the information page of the ZID.