Windows Computers


Every University employee associated with the mathematics department can log in at our Windows computers with his/her u:account.


Temporary Access to a Windows Computer

If you need temporary access to a Windows computer, there's one in the common room on the third floor. Please feel free to use it.


Standard Software

Software updates (and new ordered software) are installed automatically. The standard installation (Windows 7) contains the following software:

  • 7 Zip 16
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15
  • CDBurnerXP 4
  • F5 Big IP Edge Client 71
  • File Zilla 3
  • GeoGebra 5
  • Gimp 2
  • Irfan View 4
  • Java 2 Runtime Environment 8
  • KeePass 2
  • Libre Office 5
  • McAfee VirusScan 8
  • MikTeX 2
  • Mozilla Firefox 45
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 45
  • Notepad++ 6
  • Open Scape Desktop Client 70
  • PDF Printer - Cute PDF 3
  • PDFsam 3
  • PuttY
  • Skype 7
  • Snipping Tool Plus 3
  • Sumatra PDF v.3
  • TEXnicCenter 2
  • VideoLAN VLC 2
  • WinPython 3
  • WinSCP 5
  • WinShell 3


Additional Software Packages

Non-free software (Office, Mathematica, Matlab, ...), except Windows 7 and Maple, has to be ordered in the self-service portal.

A list of available software packages can be found here. If you want to have any of these packages installed on your desktop/notebook (in addition to the standard installation):


Administrator Account

On managed notebooks we add a local administrator account for you, so that you can change system settings on your own, e.g. when you're traveling.

If you plan to install additional software, please first check the list of available software packages to see if the product is available for managed installation. If so, please send an email to, so that we add it to the standard installation of your computer. This way you will automatically receive updates and the package will automatically be installed again in case we have to reinstall your computer.

If you misconfigure your notebook using your admin account, please contact In this case we reinstall your notebook. This means that you have to backup your data, since all the data on the notebook will be deleted during the reinstallation process.



Available updates and ordered software will be installed automatically. If you have a notebook, please connect it to the university network (or VPN) at least once a month.

The update procedure works as follows (desktops and notebooks):

  • The computer checks for new updates at boot and then every 3 hours (the download starts within 5 minutes)
  • If you don't want to wait: right click 'Matrix42 Software Depot' icon in the task bar -> 'Check for new approved Software'
  • Installation starts as soon as no user is logged in for 3 hours or when the computer starts up
  • You cannot check if a download is already done, you can only check in the start menu if the software has been installed (but you will see a message during installation)

Additionally, for notebook users:

  • Checking for updates and downloading packages only works in the university network (or VPN)!
  • The VPN client (f5 BIG IP Edge Client) is already installed on your notebook
  • If you are using VPN: the network at home is not as fast as the university network, so downloads take longer
  • We cannot back up data which you store on your notebook (except share Z:), you have to do this by yourself on a regular basis!
  • We recommend that you store your data on Z: (personal user share), which is accessible from anywhere (and there's a backup done by the university)
  • The share Y: is the math department share (all math users can view this data)


Further information

ZID Manuals: