Hardware Rental

Long Term Hardware Rental

We provide a free long term hardware rental service for the following items:

  1. Lenovo laptop with Windows

If you want to use one of the items, please contact the math:helpdesk. We will prepare the item and then you can come to room 05.119 to get it.

Short Term Hardware Rental

In collaboration with the secretariat we provide a free short term hardware rental service . This means that the hardware listed below can be rented by coming to room 10.140 and asking the secretaries.

Each hardware item has a number and when rented the rental details (name, date from/to, signature) have to be entered on a sheet of paper.

The following hardware can be rented:

  1. Laptop (Windows)
  2. Laptop (Linux)
  3. Beamer (mobile)
  4. Beamer (mobile)
  5. (Video) camera
  6. Overhead projector (mobile)
  7. Laserpointer for USB port
  8. Laserpointer for USB port
  9. Laserpointer for USB port
  10. Laserpointer for USB port
  11. Laserpointer for USB port
  12. Battery charger
  13. Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Cable
  14. IP-TV hardware
  15. Headset
  16. Professional Microphone (for Skype conferences, ...)
  17. Portable DVD-Writer
  18. Beamer (mobile)
  19. Photo/video tripod
  20. Laptop (Linux)