Unmanaged Devices

We sort any device into one of two categories: Either it is a managed device or it is an unmanaged device.

Managed devices are those that are installed and maintained by us and where the user doesn't have an administrative account. Nearly all desktop computers (Linux or Windows) and some notebooks fall into this category (see notebook page for recommended and supported notebook models).

All other devices are unmanaged devices. This means for example that all macOS devices are unmanaged and most notebooks are! These devices have to be maintained by their respective users, we only provide a limited set of services, see below.


Services For Unmanaged Devices

Since we don't have administrative access on unmanaged devices and can't control the state of such a device, we can't provide the full level of support for such devices. However, we provide a limited set of services:

  • Base installation of a computer (Windows, latest Ubuntu LTS release or macOS; only with the original installation medium!)

    This means you bring us your computer or notebook and we will format the hard drive and install a base system. We don't install any extra applications or do any configuration. You will have to backup any data yourself that you wish to retain!

    In case of Windows devices we need all original installation and device driver media! We don't install any other device drivers.

  • If you think your unmanaged device has a virus or trojan, or if there is any other security problem, please check first with your virus scan software (if you need a virus scan software, see the software ordering page for how to get one) and fix all problems. If there are still problems, you can bring it to us and we have a look at it.

During our weekly "IT Open House" you can ask any and all questions, even for unmanaged devices, and we will try to help you.