Cloud Storage u:cloud

The University of Vienna offers a cloud storage named u:cloud with 50 GB of storage for University employees. For general information and terms of use see

Since this service is provided by the University, you need your u:account for accessing it.

Access via Browser

The easiest way to use u:cloud is to open a web browser and navigate to

After logging in with your u:account you have direct access to all your cloud-stored files. You can create and delete files, share data with collaborators etc. via an easy to use graphical interface.

Access via Managed Clients

  • For managed Windows clients, the u:cloud client is installed per default. Please start it via the Windows menu. 
  • On managed Linux clients, the cloud software already comes pre-installed. Please enter ucloud in a terminal or start it via the graphical menu. Use your u:account credentials to configure the application.

Access via Smartphones and Tablets

Of course, you may access your u:cloud data also via smartphone or tablet. Both Android and iOS are supported. Please install the u:cloud client from the appropriate app store:

For further information, refer to the u:cloud information page.


Only use the official u:cloud clients

Please always use the official u:cloud clients. Although some versions of the generic owncloud client might work, this is not ensured and not officially supported.