Personal Homepage

In order to setup your personal homepage you need to create the directory public_html in your users home directory (which will be at /users/USERNAME in Linux and at U: in Windows). After that you can put your web content files into this directory.

If you have a self-supported / self-installed computer (especially Apple computers) please see Remote Access on how to access the your user directory on our storage system.

The command

mkdir -p ~/public_html; touch ~/public_html/index.html

executed in Linux will create the directory and create a file named index.html in it. This file will be displayed when you point your browser to For HTML specifics you should consult w3schools. There you can find out how to design a website.

Please make sure that the x permission bit is set for your public_html directory:

chmod a+x $HOME/public_html

In order to write HTML it is advised to use a HTML-Editor. Some suggestions can be found at w3schools-HTML-editors.