FAQ/Tips and Tricks


  • My printer is paused/disabled/rejects jobs under Linux! How can I activate it to print my job?

    Please enter

    lpadmin -E -p PRINTER

    (replace PRINTER with your printer’s name, normally “followme”). You may view the current printer status by executing

    lpq -P PRINTER

    (or in your application’s graphical printer dialog). If the lpadmin command does not work, please also try

    lpenable PRINTER


    lpaccept PRINTER

    If your printer still refuses to work, please contact the Helpdesk (including your printer’s name and location).

  • How do I scan multiple sheets into one document?

    Note that by default our copiers are configured to wait for additional sheets of paper when scanning using the original glass as if the option “Separate Scan” is on!

    If you put all your sheets into the automatic document feeder, everything will automatically be put into one output file. If you have more than 100 sheets, you have to enable the “Separate Scan” option, see the instructions at Scanning a number of originals ([Separate Scan]) (german).

  • Why is the print quality when printing from a web browser poor?

    If you print a document within a web browser, you might not achieve optimal print quality. It can happen that the printout is blurry, that a font is replaced by another one (of a different size) and that forms look different. Because of this we recommend that you download the file first and then print it with other software.

  • Why does the printer ask for the correct paper size and doesn't print?

    Since the only available paper size at the department is A4 and A3, please do not send print jobs requesting another paper size (if you do not intend to bring this exact paper with you)!

    Thus, choose A4 (or A3) in the printer menu and do not use the option ‘Choose paper source by pdf page size’ in Adobe Reader, since many documents (e.g. research papers) have other dimensions.