Adding the Print Queue on Windows 7 or Windows 10

The print queue is shared by the server

  • For Windows 7 SP1 you have to follow the instrucions on the Microsoft Hotfix webpage
  • Please download the latest driver for the model "bizhub C554e" from the Konica Minolta Download Service page.
  • For Windows 7: Press the Windows Start button and select "Devices and Printers" and then "Add a printer"
    For Windows 10: Press the Windows Start button, type in "Printer" and click on "Printer & Scanner"
  • Select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer" after that press the "The printer that I want isn't listed" button.
  • Select "Select a shared printer by name" and fill in (without quotes): ""; click "Next"
  • Now select the earlier downloaded driver by pressing "Have disk" and browse to your download folder and click open; click on the "OK" button; click "Next"
  • If you want you can set it as your default printer; click the "Finish" button
  • For Windows 7: Right click the new printer and select "Printer properties"
    For Windows 10: Left click the new printer and select "Printer properties"
  • Choose the "Ports" tab and click on the "Configure Port..." button
  • Select "Use the specified user account" and enter your math:account username and password
  • Click on "OK" and then choose the tab "Configuration"
  • Select Paper Tray "PC-410", Finisher "FS-534", Punch-Unit "PK-520 (2/4-Hole)", Stapling-Unit (deutsch: Sattelstich-Einheit, Win 10: Saddle Kit) "SD-511", Authentication must be DISABLED and the rest as is and click on the "Apply" button
  • Go to the tab "General" and select "Preferences..."; in the tab "Finish" set "Paper Arrangement" to "Prioritize Productivity"
  • The printer is now ready for use.

Adding the Print Queue on Linux

Depending on your choice of desktop environment the instructions differ. What you need to do:

  • Download the PPD file for Konica Minolta C554e to your computer.
  • Add a new network printer using the Internet Printing Protocol and use the URL ipps:// for it (substitute USERNAME and PASSWORD with your math:account username and password). Depending on your desktop environment, it may not be necessary to enter your username/password credentials here. However, to ensure proper operation it is recommended!
  • When asked for the type of printer, select the PPD file downloaded in the first step.

Adding the Print Queue on Mac OS X

  • Download the Apple Mac OS X printer driver for "Konica Minolta bizhub C554e" to your computer and install it. The driver can be found on the Konica Minolta Download Service page by feeding the search algorithm with "bizhub c554e".
  • Go to "System Preferences" and select "Print & Fax".
  • Add a new printer and select "Internet Printing Protocol".
  • For the field "Address" use and for the field "Queue" use printers/followme.
  • Fill in the name (e.g. FollowME) and the location of the printer (e.g. OMP1).
  • Under "Use" select "Select Software" and choose "Konica Minolta C554e PS".
  • Then add the printer after which a dialog will pop up where you can set the installable options:
    • For "Paper Source Unit" choose "PC-410"
    • For "Finisher" choose "FS-534 + SD-511"
    • For "Punch Unit" choose "PK-520 (2/4-Hole)"
  • After you printed your first document, open the print queue for the printer which will have a print job that says "On Hold (Authentication required)". Once you resume the print job, the system will ask for a username and password where you will need to enter your math:account username and password. There's no error message if you put in a wrong username or password, in this case you will just not see any print jobs at the printer.